In the Greater Toronto Area and wanna take a course?

The new classes are starting to fill so if you’re interested, let us know now!

Coming up for the November-December session:

Writing for Comic Books (and other things) Part 2

Prerequisite:  Writing for Comic Books Part One

Mondays- 7-10 pm November 5 – December 17

PRICE:  $300 (for students who have taken this class before, and would like to repeat it, the price is $250)  Payment accepted by cash, cheque or PayPal (There will be a fee for NSF cheques).

REGISTRATION/INQUIRES:  email, or call us at 905-822-2961 to book a space, and to make payment arrangements. Please note that spaces are limited for each class; registration is on a first-come first-reserved basis.

After Writing for Comic Books Part 1, which grounds the student in the rules of plot, character, dialog, scripting and storytelling forms, we step up to a master class on practical writing. The students will learn the standard applications of tropes and genres, the rules of pacing and scene work, the secrets of world building, character bibles, supporting casts, sub-plots, comedy writing, ongoing series and much more.

Like all our workshops, we’ll be creating scripts and stories in class under a deadline. This time around, we’ll expect a complete short story about half way through, and by week seven students be pitching their own original series or graphic novel to the group. Bring your brains, and have no fear.

You’ll need something to write on, paper or laptops, whatever you prefer to use, as long as you can make it legible to fellow students.

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